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Not sure if this is the right forum or not.

I am curious as to what type of acoustic amps are being used. I'm not sure if Epi makes one.

I have five Epi electrics that I play through a couple of Fender amps..Blues Junior and Blues Deluxe.

I used to own a 60's Epiphone Texan. Wish I had kept it.

I recently had a Martin saddle pickup installed in my dreadnought. I own a Genz Benz acoustic amp and use a Fishman Pro II preamp.

Every amp I play the guitar through sounds totally different. My electrics sound pretty much the same no matter what I play them through. My GB projects the acoustic sound at gig volume. It's about four years old.

Anyone care to share their experiences,

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I still use DeArmond 210 pups so can pretty much plug into anything. Not the most acoustic sounding pickups but warm and well balanced - think Elmore James and Lightnin' Hopkins.


Many Fender amps these days are more like great platforms upon which to build a great amp. The amps, particularly the less expensive tube models, need to be modded to get the best you can out of them. The Blues Deluxe, as example, has a tube stage unused. This makes no sense at all and Fender did not do it with the Hot Rod version. But putting that stage in action gives the amp alot more punch.


I have little experience with acoustic amps so am pretty clueless in this area. As far as an amp that can handle both electric and acoustic, about the best I have heard is the Rivera Sedona although it does shine a bit brighter with an electric than an acoustic.

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Glad to see someone else pick up this topic. I've been trying to get some info on this for a while myself.

Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong, but the only acoustic amp Epi has out now is with the PR4 player pack. It is a very small 15-watt job. It has gotten some pretty decent reviews for what it is, but it is only a practice (at most, a small room, like a coffeehouse) amp. It does have outlets for both instrument and mic. I think at one point the amp in this pack was even smaller, a 10-watter, without the mic outlet.

There used to be a couple larger Epi acoustic amps in the Regent series. There was a Regent Acoustic 30 and 100. I've seen these come up on ebay every once in a blue moon, and I think they go pretty reasonably priced. I've seen mixed but generally good reviews, like on Harmony Central, for these, too.

Anyone with more experience or data on these, please post!

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