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Which bigsby is best for a casino?


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I'm new to the forum, I was wondering if anyone can help... which bigsby would be best for a casino? I'm presuming it's the b7 but would it put undue pressure on the top with the guitar being a hollow boby?


would the guitar require further re-inforcement under the top laminate for the bigsby to screw in to etc


Has anyone done this and if so how's the guitar since installation?


Finally, has any changed the wiring harness and could they suggest a shop for the parts


Thanks in advance #-o

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Epiphone had a special run of Casinos with Bigsbys that I thought looked fantastic. Very tempting! They used a B700.




Here is the B-700 in Black:




Previously, Epiphone had their own branded Bigsby (didn't say Bigsby on it so I've always wondered if it was a knockoff). You see them a lot on Turquoise Casinos:




McCartney's Casino has a B7 on it as well. Here's a picture of Lennon playing it before Paul had it restrung sinister style:




My guess is that the top of the casino is thick enough to support a B7/B70/B700 just fine but if was mine, I might consider a B3 that didn't have to be screwed down to the top. My first guitar, a Harmony H76, had one and it worked just fine. The only potenitial issue might be the break angle off the back of the bridge. My first thought is that Casino doesn't use a B3 because there isn't a licensed model (no B30 or B300) so cost would be a factor. But, as I indicated, McCartney's Casino had a B7 too and it would have been a pound or two higher than a B3 so that's not entirely the issue. Maybe a B7/B70/B/700 would be best. Ask Bigsby what they think.




As far as a source for a wiring harness, I would talk to TWANG if I were you.

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Thanks a lot, a really comprehensive answer, I've bit the bullet and just gone for the b7. Ordered it today the way I see it is they wouldn't fit it to the casino if it didn't work or if it was going to cause damage.


the laminate top should be a perfect hold for the screws in the top


thanks for your answer though

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