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taken from carverman's reply elsewhere


The way I insert mine inline is:


1. create an free acct on www.photobucket.com

2. Upload the image (click on reducing it to 480x 640 pixels..or use a tool

to reduce the size of the image..the image name should end in ".jpg" (kilobits)

and not ".jpeg"..which is in megabits.

3. Once the image is uploaded to your photobucket acct. look underneath

the photo to see a line with "IMG code" in it

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I bought one and am wondering if any one knows what pick ups are used in them. Alnico 2 or 5's or something different?


Well they are all AlNiCo magnets. The difference is that the traditional Gibson "57 Classic" has

the AlNiCo II magnet' date=' because that's what the original design spec called for.


The Epiphone clone (their version of the 57 Classic) would have the more modern AlNiCo V (5) formula.

Pretty much most manufacturers of pickups use the Alnico V, (in most of their p_ups).


The Alnico V has a slightly higher magnetic field and [b']should[/b] give you a slightly higher output

than the ALNiCo II, but this has nothing to do with the characteristic tone of the pickup, which

will depend on the type of magnet and how the copper wire is wound around it and perhaps some

"mojo" built in.


I have a two p_up version of the LP Custom in ebony (black). The neck p_up is

the Epiphone ( AlNiCo V 57CH in gold. The bridge is the HOT CH (probably the same magnet).

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