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First of all, a pet peeve. Fender had it backwards. The pitch changing tailpiece (or electronic effect for that matter) is a vibrato. The amplitude shifting effect that Fender (and others) put in their amps is tremolo.


Secondly, Epiphone, for a time, offered their own Bigsby vibrato clone that they put on certain guitars as an option, including the Casino, the Riviera, the Sorrento, the Jorma K., a Les Paul or two and a couple of others. I heard that they did not work quite as well as the regular Bigsbys but never tried one. This is one of the Casinos from that era:




Wish it was still an option on several guitars.


A year or so ago, they offered that great looking Casino in the best sunburst of any of their regular guitars along with a Bigsby 700 Vibrato as a limited edition that .




Pohatu has it right about installation. It is one of the easier ones to mount one on.

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