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Does Anybody Actuall Play?

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I mod and play....mod and play.....mod and play. Thinking of doing another mod soon.....while I think about it I play. Woweeeeeeeeeeeee! I hust found what I want.....seymour duncan SP2 for the middle and the neck of my fat strat. They will go nice with my Pearly gates. Well. Cya.......on the way to the shop now. Will play later. While one is in the shop I have 2 others I can play. Then other than adding strap locks to them I am all done with mods and I will just play play play:d/

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I have to pay to have mods done' date=' because I'm incompetent. I am not incontinent at least. =D>


Seriously, I can barely change my strings. In 22 years I still can't get a good winding on the post! It's embarrasing really, but admitting it to you all is like the therapy I can't afford because of G.A.S. It's all to the good. '](*,)/


So on the plus side, I have several guitars; and I'm still playing even if one is in the shop being worked on. And realistically, there isn't much time spent in the shop either.


I try for 2 hours a day, 1 on the 3 days a week I work both jobs. And of course, there are the "off" days that happen occasionally too. I really would like to play more. I need to turn my part time job into yet another bar band so I can quit it and kill 2 birds with one stone. Well, no, I'm more of a catch and release kinda guy. So, catch 2 birds with one net and let them go...hmmm? Damn! It *is* just a metaphor...I guess *here *I could say "kill" the birds? Yeah, sounds better that way; so, "kill two birds with one stone."

That's it.




I understand about changing...I do a great job but I am lazy, so I pay. I have enough guits that I can cycle through and I do not have that acid thing that eats through strings like many people I know.


I do play and I do love my Epi's. I am not a big modder. Occasionally I will buy something and make a (Pay for) change but my general rule is I buy for 3 things:



Playability (?word)



I generally need all three so that eliminates a lot of modding!


P.S. - Gashole - If you do become incontinent let me know. I work for the largest manufacturer of adult inco products in the US!

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Glad to get a bunch of replys to my question, I must admit, I used to tinker with my guitars.

I guess what made me ask the question was the number of people who are planning on modifying (New everything) their guitars prior to even receiving them.

I guess I'm a little old fashion...visit my favourite music store, try out a few nice guitars, find the one I like, and buy it.

When I get it home there generally no suprises....Now where is my soldering iron?

Great web site.

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