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End of the world - what would you be playing?

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My encore = a true, blue(s) Steven Lister original....parting company yet again with most responders.


And, if my encore just so happens to be my entry audition..., I'll take my chances with my own compositions.

Any higher power might be more interested in my original material than any attempt I make to cover someone else.


I can almost hear god's booming voice. "Jesus, 'how many more times' do I have to listen to another shmoe with an LP trying to sound like ________. Can anyone please just do their own thing anymore?:D If we can't have variety in here then let ME out."


BTW - Has anyone noticed -- test is over and we're all still here!


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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it's not going to end...

but if it were going to, i only have one guitar and one keyboard. depends on which one would be plugged in at the moment, but if it was the guitar, i'd play it's over by roy orbison, if it was the keyboard, a whiter shade of pale by procol harum.


the guitar is a washburn oe30 (local stores don't carry epiphone, it's like a dot, similar price)

the keyboard is a yamaha psr 185


both would be played through my epiphone amplifier (thank you internet!)

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Just have to keep this thread going guys..it's so much fun ..LOL!


Now here's a song that you could be singing & playing on that fateful day...the talking lyrics are a bit fast

and take some doing to learn, but everyone can join in the chorus...


"It's the end of the world, as we know it", by REM.


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As I understand it, this test (has it happened yet?) is supposed to replicate the conditions that led to the "Big Bang." So, no telling, really, whether we're talkin about the end or a new beginning. Either way, just hope I get to keep playing.


My best shot, right now, would probably be John Fahey's "When the Springtime Comes Again," on my Martin OM-21-- which I'm now going to go practice, just in case.

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