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Gibson week at MF


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Just got an e-mail saying Gibson week at MF has been extended. Till when??? Been GASin for a faded explorer(tryin to get the missus on board) They where $849 yesterday' date=' today $949?? WTF? [/quote']


Welcome to MF "Specials" on Gibson guitars! LOL! "Charge 'em double, give 'em 40 percent!"

Honestly, between MF, and Gibson....pricing is NUTS! A "Crap Shoot" at best!! OR...a "Misprint,"

if it seems "reasonable!" LOL!


The DO have some great "Blow out" prices, now and then, though. I got my AIUSA Sheraton,

during one of those, and got it for $999.00 and free shipping. So, Sometimes...they'll come up

with some decent deals.




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