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Okay, Now that I got your attention, the machine heads on the BB have gone that rather nasty tarnished look about them and I think that it spoils the look of a rather classy line on guitar ... so my quetion to you all is....


Schaller - Because their German and I like German Engineering...




Grovers - in keeping with factory Gibsons


What d 'ya say guys??:)

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I've got Shaller on one guitar, orig. Gibbs on one and Grovers on another.

I like them all....(no vote)

I think the main thing is that they are all quality machine heads. The Shallers' I have are the locking kind and I do like that for ease of string changes.


Which ones would change over easiest on your guitar? Size does make a difference.

What style do you think looks best?

With a BB..I would be looking for something kind of traditional.



Click at the top of the page on the one you favor.

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So what kind of poll is this? Making a decision by committee?..popular vote?

...and what about the other category...there are other fine tuners out there that will be ignored

because they simply aren't as popular..


Take the Planet Waves auto trim tuner...it does it all! 18:1 gear ratio tuning, locking and even string cutting!

Insert the string, tighten the thumbscrew clamp and the string gets cut off at the right length

as you tune it. Tuning is swift and precise. Who says someone out there doesn't have a better


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LOL! That WAS a provocative title!


Grover's, generally. My Rickenbacker 12-string has Schaller (factory installed) "deluxe"...like

the old Kluson Deluxe. They've never felt any better (to me), than the Kluson's did. But, I

don't want to change them, to the newer (current) version, as I like the "Vintage" vibe, they have.

So, as long as they work...



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My vote goes to Schaller. I've never had, nor seen a bad piece of hardware from them. + They're the original company unlike Grover.

For the money I like Gotoh's best. They're sort of to Schallers what Epi are to Gibson. Pretty close for a lot less.

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Carverman' date='


Good point....I've seen the Planet Waves at stewmac and they do look like great tuners.

Have you tried them?[/quote']


No, but they are on my list of parts to buy for my next homebuilt semi-acoustic

DC (florentine) "Bluesmaster" with P-90s. I'm also planning on using the Hipshot baby

grand bridge *stew-mac) .


I just like to tinker with LP guitars, just the way Lester did..(and

maybe still does).

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