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Three pickup guitars....

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I had a Gibson SG Custom, way back in '69...it was awesome. Can't remember now,

why I sold it?! Sure wish I had kept it, though. I had 2 SG's the Custom and a '68 Standard,

and you're right, there was a bit of difference in tone, with the middle pickup, as opposed to

the middle switch turning on both pickups, with the Standard. The Custom still had that mid

position roundness ("twang?"), but was a bit more raw...more of a growl, as I remember.

But, that's been almost 40 years ago, so...??? How do your's compare, that way?



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This thread got me thinking about three pup guitars in general. Two of my Fenders (the Strat, naturally, and my Telecaster Delux Blackout) have three pickups and I don't give it a thought as far as picking room is cocerned. The Gibson/Epiphone three pup models have always looked cramped in comparison. Maybe that's why they give the impression that they'd be difficult to play?


Come to think of it, there is a J5 model Telecaster with three buckers in it that looks a little "busy" between the bridge and the neck. I guess its just a matter of those little single coil sticks taking up less room. By the way, a three pickup SG in ivory has, and always will be sort of a Holy Grail guitar for me!



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Only 3 p'up guitar i've ever had was a late 80's "Series 10" (cheapie) Strat copy

that had Dimarzio H/S/H config. with the middle p'up ACTIVE of all things.

That was my only experience with Floyd Rose trems too (not bad I must admit).


How they packed all that into a $200 (new)guitar is still beyond me,

but I regret cracking the neck socket "Bowing" the neck for sure.


Anyhow.....I like 3 p'up guitars.

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Well, I do agree it looks a bit silly on a SG and a LP.


As to the guys complaining about the middle pick-up being in the way : for Pete's sake, learn to experiment with pick position, on my Rick 340, I usually play between the neck and middle, but if I want a harder tone I'll change to between middle and bridge, and for a softer I go up the neck. I don't claim to be a good guitarist, it's one of the basics of righthand technique (or lefthandtechnique if you hold your guitar differently).

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Those white Epiphone SG-Customs sure are GAS-inducing. I'd like to have one with a black pick-guard, like this:




I'm also GASing for a 3-pickup Black Beauty with a Bigsby.


Sigh... but the Casino and Sheraton come first.


I currently have a Godin Solidac that has an H-S-H pickup arrangement, and I quite like it. I often play in position 2 on its 5-way switch, which is the neck humbucker and the middle single-coil together. Beautiful tone.

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Thats an unusual Custom there Prospero' date=' no les paul badging below the neck and a wierd looking bridge. Stan.[/quote']


Oh, I'm pretty sure it's not a real Gibson. I grabbed the image from a quicxk image search on the interweb just as an example to illustrate my preference for an SG Custom with a black pickguard. I have seen genuine article Gibson ones with the black PG, mostly from the 70s, I think. The white pickguards on the customs just don't do it for me. A small little quibble on an otherwise fine guitar.

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