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any good roller bridges with metric posts?


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The argument to me seems to be centered on whether or not they affect tone in a positive way.. Some say less sustain, others claim actual

tonal variation.

But I've not heard anyone say they don't work to make whammy use better.

I'm sure there are good roller bridges, I haven't looked for metric.. I will. Got my catalogs in the living room.



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This is the least "tone sucking" one I've tried. Not bad' date=' but still darkens the tone a bit, compared to a tune-o-matic.



Edit: oops, forgot to say, I put one on my Peerless built Korean Gretsch with metric posts.


- Jay[/quote']

oh, don't worry about tone sucking, i have ways of making things bright...

*evil laugh*

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ANY tonal/sustain difference would be nominal at best, and honestly if you recorded the instrument stock and then after putting on the roller bridge you'd have a hard time discerning the differences. I've got one on my Historic SG, my Epi '65 SG w/Maestro AND my Angus signature, and it didn't change a thing...that is, aside from not having any of the wound strings catching on the saddles anymore....lol


Roller bridges are a good thing for tremelo/vibrola equipped guitars, as are the Graph Tech type saddles. I've gotten them from Guitar Fetish and Southeast Music, and they appear to be the same thing (Jung Il). I have no complaints at all with them aside from the fact that on the small-post (ABR) type the holes are a little bigger than the stock Gibson posts so there's a little shifting if you don't find something to shim it in place (I use a tiny wrap of electrical tape to make it snug). Otherwise they're great. Enjoy!



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