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I am wondering if it is normal for the bridge pickup on a SG Special to be more raised' date=' or closer to the strings, than the neck pickup?



The bridge pickup is generally "more raised" than the neck pu because the strings are higher as they get closer to the bridge. But that doesn't mean they are closer to the strings.

And yes, it's the middle screw. Screw in to raise, out to lower.

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If you deside to check out the entire guitar read carefully.

Even on the website Larry tells you that the numbers are just reference points.(Although they were given to him by a tech friend of his at Gibson)


And by the way if you decide to check neck deflection....It is not for the faint of heart!

If any adjustment needs done, you are better off watching a pro do it the first time. If you ever feel the need to do it yourself, never turn more than 1/8 to 1/4 turn on any given day. (The article warns you about that).

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It's also sometimes preferred to have the pickup at the bridge and neck different distances from the strings.

There's a range, boys, not an absolute.

Tone and volume can be fine tuned in that way for better amp response, finger response, balance and more.


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