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Trying to figure it out

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hey guys,

I need some help...it's my boyfriend's birthday in a couple weeks and I know he really likes this band Delta Spirit and their song Trashcan on their imeem.com/deltaspirit page...I've been watching their video on http://crackle.com/c/Music/Delta_Spirit_Ode_to_Sunshine_EPK/2373624#ml=fi%3d%26fu%3d2452473 and the other day I asked my friend from umgd what kind of guitars their playing in the video but he couldn't tell. I thought about just getting him tickets to see them perform but I think he'll like it more if he had a guitar like his favorite band does. are any of the guitars they're playing Epiphones?


thank guys!


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Hey Carly don't mind larkin38 he's from Pennsylvania. After searching through Flickr I did happen to see one of their guitar players with a Epiphone Casino(natural color) and also a modified Epiphone Dot(red color with added bigbsy tremolo). Hope that helps you out a little.


Yep, on 'Motivation", the singer plays a red dot with bigsby and the guitarist plays a Casino. I think the bassist uses a Hofner semiaccoustic, but I'm not sure.


I won't go rushing to the shop to get their album though ;-)


On the "Strange Vine" clip the bassist plays a Fender bass, the singer plays a Gretsch. Guitarist plays something that resembles a sunburst Casino


Same set-up for St James Infirmary (Fender, Gretsch) but the guitarist plays a Rickenbacker there (a 330 if I'm not mistaken)


On children, it seems that what I thought was a sunburst Casino might also be a Gretsch.


You'd expect they'd be better with all that expensive gear ;-)

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The Epiphone "Dot" everyone is mentioning can be gotten online from several

music stores for $399.00 w/free shipping.

Theres also a "Dot-Studio" (a little plainer version) for $269.00 w/free shpg.

They can also be gotten at most bigger guitar shops for the same price, but they'll

charge you tax.

The "Casino" is a few hundred dollars more.

Hope this helps.......you ROCK as a G/F !

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