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Epiphone Chet Atkins Electric Hollow Body: How much is it worth?


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About 1.5 years ago I opened a profile on this forum. Apparently it doesn't exist anymore. O:)


Anyway, back then I asked if anyone could help me identify a guitar because I couldn't find picture of another one like it. A kind gentleman told me it was an Epihone Chet Atkins Country Gentleman. I already knew it was a Chet Atkins Epiphone (it says it on the headstock), but didn't know what style it was. What made things more confusing was that most Chet Atkins electrics were either Gretsch or Gibson. The only Epiphone Atkins I had seen was an acoustic one.


I paid a little over $100 for the guitar. I am now thinking of selling it since i would like to buy another guitar. However, I don't know its value. Can any of you help me or direct me to an approximate value for the guitar?


These are the only references to the guitar that I have seen. Everything on the posts validate what I already know of the guitar. Mainly, that it's from the late 1980's. I know because I was at sunday church when a member of the congregation gave it to the church as a gift. Almost 20 years later and with no congregation, the pastor sold it to me.









Here are pictures of my guitar:











Any help would truly be appreciated!

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I'll double your money on it !! <wink & grin>

seriously though......good luck' date=' but I would NOT sell it if I were you.[/quote']


I really don't want to sell it since it is a very nice guitar and it sounds great through my Roland JC-120.


However, the neck is too wide for my liking; although it does only takes me a few hours to get used to it.


The main reason I would sell it though, is because I want to buy a Rickenbacker 360. Up to the begining of this year, Rickenbackers were relatively inexpensive. For $1,000-$1200 you would get the type of quality that you find in high end Gibsons and Fenders. While the quality remains the same, the prices haven't. In January (literally overnight) the prices on all guitars doubled in an effort to reduce their 2 years back order log.

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^^^^ And it hasn't helped us lefties. ^^^^


I was told recently 18 to 24 months for a lefty 12 string.


When I first wante to buy a Rickenbacker I wasn't sure if I was a lefty or righty. I tried out several guitars and for a while I was convinced I would get a lefty. This was about 5-6 years ago and there were plenty new and used ones out there. I finally realized I'm a righty, just like everyone else. I should have jumped on the opportunity to get my 360 back then. Sam Ash had quoted $950 for a brand new one. Other places were selling them as low as $899. Used ones anywhere between $700-$900. If only I would have jumped on one as early as last december, before the price hike. Hey at least I have my 330/12 JG.

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