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TOM and wraparound bridges


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Don't know about "jangly," but sustain seems a bit better, with the wraparound. Direct to the wood,

with no other interuptions, etc. No real intonation problems either IF it's seated properly to begin with.

They make versions that have adjustable saddles, but most that have the "wraparounds" seem to prefer

just the normal compensating...but fixed, versions. More direct channeling of the string vibration, that way.




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I'm interested in hearing from people who have put an aluminum tailpiece on their Les Paul. From what I hear' date=' the aluminum tailpiece is supposed to increase sustain and provide increased tonal range. Anyone have one on their LP?[/quote']


I'd like to know as well. I'm hearing very mixed reports on these. Some love it, some don't.


Speaking in general I'm always amazed at someone's perception changing a relative small part(of what makes up the total of a guitar's sonic spectrum), will yield any dramatic results.

They want it to sound like a 50s LP and fitted the boutique PAFs, the Alu tailpiece, but forget to change strings to 012s(that's what the original PAFs were designed for) and proceed to play it through a high-gain amp...

Not judging here. But so many of these mods are strictly 'in the mind' and not necessarily better, just different.

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