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I'm new and I have a question


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I'm new on this board but not new on other special interest boards. Hello out there.

I have an epiphone special II (one of those starters) that has no backplate. Is there any place that I can purchase one?=D> =D> :-k=D>

It is shaped like a boomerang. I've tried some places like guitarpartsdepot but there is none displayed or mentioned.




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Welcome to the forum.

Have you tried ordering one through a Epi dealer?


If you can't seem to get your hands on one...There was a post about a week ago on making your own pickguard...(same diference)


Some of the guys make a paper or construction paper templet. Transfer it to a piece of plastic or formica. Cut, file and sand to make their own.


Formica can be bought at most cabnet shops. A piece of scrap would do. ABS plastic sheets are available on ebay for about $3. It would probably be even cheeper at your local hobby store.

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