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IBeam/M1 Combo in DR500-R Anyone using It?


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I am 'smoked' by how great my new masterbuilt sounds. I stuffed her with LR Baggs M1 pup and it too does me HUGE justice.

This is a very professional sounding combination of stuff but I'm not quite there yet.


Some one on this forum once spoke about the Ibeam from Baggs. This is the unit I'd like to run in conjunction with the M1. The Baggs site says you should get the Imix for a controller but I somehow want to disagree. This puts batteries into the system and I was once told by the most famous pickup manufacturer the world has known, Bill Lawrence, that batteries are for flashlites!


Do yo not think that with a simple terminal strip and a high quality 3 pole switch, you could choose which system you'd like to use when needed? One stereo endpin jack would be all you need.

I simply need to run the M1 in my weekend band situation, but then Mondays through Wednesdays I'm solo in Jazz and cigar bars and need to run the Ibeam.

As far as a pre-amp, I have a Baggs Para DI unit which really doesn't get much better unless you spring 2 grand for a Pendulum. I highly recommend that Para DI box... I've been using it trouble free through numerous in house PA systems and have got many a handshake 'thanks' from soundmen.


What say you??

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I've got a iBeam in my EF-500R Masterbuilt. I love it. I've also got a M1 active in my Alvarez Jumbo.


You mention that you use the Para DI, I assume from your dislike of batteries that you use phantom power?


My iBeam has a 9v inside the guitar, and the M1a has a watch style battery.....I don't mind them..they sound great.


I want to get a new guitar and put the M1 passive and the iBeam through the iMix system. There is a video of Joel Shearer on youtube with this setup. I think it will impress you....you'll have to search for it...I don't know the link....and I'm at work.....they don't like youtube.



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