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which cab for Epiphone VJ, something for heavy rock

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Speakers are a very good way to mine into the many golden flavors lurking inside of VJr. Everyone will have a different opinion for speaker choice according to personal taste -- here's mine:


VJr. (like any good valve amp) sounds best pushing more air than less (even at lower volumes). For rock/electric blues you'll want at least a 2x12 cab. I use two custom cabs with easily removeable backs to give me every option.

-- One is loaded with Eminence Cannabis Rex and a Peavey/Weber Blue Marvel. Best for blues and bass/mid heavy rock tones and my favorite for rhythm work from creamy to greasy to grinding. Usually used closed back.

-- One is loaded with a Vintage 30 and an older Eminence Legend. Best for leads and more Brit rock/Voxy tones. Usually used closed also for better depth to that somewhat chimey toned Vintage 30.


On occasion, like an outdoor venue, I'll run both together as a 4x12 for better 'volume coverage' by placing them on each side of the stage.


I spent nearly a year trying out many different speaker combos before I found my tone. While it's good to have other opinions, my best advice is to try out as many as you can using your own gear. When I hit on what I liked I knew it and I kept going back to it regardless of whatever else I tried. Luck to you in your search.


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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