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Please tell me about Epiphone dealer in London


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I'm in Thailand, I'm so sorry if my english is not flowing. There are not "Epiphone emperor regent" for Sale in Thailand I want to buy it. Now I have one cousin in London But he don't Know about Guitar too much. He will Go to thailand Next Month I want him to buy Epiphone emperor regent for me. Who is (best)epiphone Dealer in London and where is the shop ? Plese tell me Thank you. give me information.

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Guest alanhindle

Never ordered from this store but I've seen it crop up in many of my internet searches. Guildford is fairly close to London travel wise.



This is a purportedly reputable dealer within 50 miles of so of London:



Hope this is of some use



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I used to live in the U.K., and miss London very much.


The area on Charing Cross Road/Tottenham Court Road around Denmark Street is famous for its guitar stores. Sadly, one of them, Andy's, closed a few years ago. I haven't been back for three years, but I would have your cousin go and check the stores around Denmark Street (opposite Foyle's, the famous bookstore). Closest tube is Tottenham Court Road, which is on the corner of Oxford Street and T.C. Road. Just walk down Tottenham Court Road towards Shaftsbury Avenue for about 40 seconds and you'll be in the thick of the guitar stores.


I can't say anything about how reputable any of these dealers are.

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