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Should I replace my pickups ?


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microphonic pickups are hard to live with unless you only play clean.




i posted on both of your posts. just look up microphonic pickups on google...


if you got it recently tell the seller or go for method discribed. although i was a little wary if it would take the colour off the gold pickup covers. buying a bb and having to replace 3 pickups is kinda wrong! =D>

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Are the original pickups on my les paul black beauty good quality' date=' or should I replace them ?

Ive never had an LP before, so cant tell.



As has already been said, if they'e working as they should, and as long as the sound is acceptable to you. then no replacements required. So said, its possible to improve these guitars vastly by upgrading the pu's. My Jap Epi SG's are fine, but I also have a Korean G400 which was improved no end by fitting a pair of Semour Duncan Seth Lovers. I don't play Les Pauls so I don't know what the best options are. I wouldn't mind betting that there's a set of Seymour Duncans that would do the trick....Chris

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GFS, Duncan, DeMarzio, Gibson (of course) all make good pickups, that would be a fine alternative,

to the originals. Some original pickups aren't that bad, but a lot of them have a kind of "metallic"

overtone, that can be a bit unnerving, at times. It can be the beginnings of "microphonic" feedback,

or just the nature of the pickups, themselves. But, with all the great pickups out there, it's a fairly

common and easy fix. GFS pickups have a good following here, and are quite reasonable in price.

If you plan on keeping the guitar for a long time, then upgrading pickups is probably a good idea.

As to how much you want to spend, to do that...only you will know that. Gibson's pickups are wonderful,

but at the high end of the price scale. I'm sure there will be other folks here, that will chime in, with

their favorites, and "why!"



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