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Annoying buzz


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Hey there is an annoying buzzing sound coming from some of my strings when i play them open. It doesnt seem to be fret buzz cos it doesnt happen when i fret a note. The buzzing seems to be coming from the bridge. Any idea what this might be and how may i solve it?

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As CB mentioned Epi bridges can be hit or miss. Pro suggests raising the bridge for a temporary fix.

That can help. It can also cause the strings to be raised quite high by the time the buzz is gone.


I got to go with TheX on this one. If it is only on open notes, then the buzz is comming from the fist fret.

Either your action is a tad low, Your first couple of frets could be a bit high, Your neck deflection needs adjusting or

(in all likelyhood) your nut might be a tad low and need replacement. (very common and not a big deal)

If you hold the string down at the 3rd fret and do not have a hairs breath clearance at the first fret your nut is probably too low.


I was adjusting a nut a few weeks ago. Just from playing and tuning a couple of strings had worn into the nut less than 1/64".

It was enough to cause a nasty buzz on open string only.


Is this a "just started" problem or has it been doing it all along?

How old is the guitar?

When is the last time you did a set up check on all the specs?


One additional thought. Check the first fret to see if it has become slightly unseated. If you can slide a piece of thin paper between the fret and the fretboard: It might need a slight tap with a fret hammer....do not break the neck!!!

That is something you should only try if you know what you are doing.

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Whitmore Willy,


The problem only started after I switched my strings gauge from 9-42 to 10-46, and to answer your question of when the last set up check was, it was when I sent the guitar for a full set up to adjust the truss rod for the new strings etc. about a week a go.


The guitar isn't very old; I got it about 4 months ago maybe?

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If it just started after the new setup for the different string gauges try turning your TR nut a smidge (1/16-1/8 turn) ccw. If that doesn't do it, take it back and have the people you paid to work on your guitar get it right for free.

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