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damn whats that on my pickup?

Stevie Nazarenie

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well i just put a dream 180 and a mean 90 in my guitar. the one i have them in was meant to have some wilkinson pups in. i never really liked them though. i just got a similar guitar and those wilkinsons in it sound great. exactly what i'd expect from gibbo pups. i always wondered if someone had swapped them even though i had it new. so i take a look underneath when i'm changing them and one was plain but the other says epiphone on it! i wonder do you think someone swapped them out? i bought it about 4 years ago and no it's not an epi but thats whats on that pup. =D> (i love this smiley!)


i ought to say they sound good in the guitar i put them in.

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some guys on a forum said that their agile guitars had epi pickups in them. they noticed them when they came to change them. i wondered exactly what goes on in oriental factories. mine was made 4 or 5 years ago though i was wondering if it's standard practice to do this. and if the china epi factories were around then. mine is meant to have wilkinson pups in and the baseplate is stamped epiphone. or if the local guy i bought from is unscrupulous and done a jeff beck luthier and sold my pups and conned me.

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I've had local "authorized dealers/repairmen" steal 24k gold plated toggle switch knobs(as if I wouldn't notice)

steal items from my case compartment, try to charge me for work not done,(I always mark the inside of my switch cover plates and truss rod cover...then ask them about the mark), etc. etc.

Its my experience that SOME local dealers/repairmen will do anything they can get away with if it makes them a buck.

Don't be surprised if its a swapout.

One old "game" used to be to order an R8 GLP, and a "Standard" in the same finish......swap out hardware, and try to sell BOTH as R8's. One dealer in Anniston Al. lost his Gib. dealership for this very thing.

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"the swine!" i need a picture of that guy from big brother. oh whats his name.




We have no control over what happens to our guitars once they leave us.

What I can say is that if they have Epiphone on the pick up then they

are NOT the originals that were supplied on the guitar.


Wilkinson hardware is usually branded with either a "W" or "Wlikinson"

in a visible place.


Hope this helps!"


pup swap out indeed. mmm...


russle brand thats it.

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