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A little terrible Ted


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Here is a very bad recording of me on my ew Epi LP.


I recorded it on my $70 digital recorder so the sound quality sucks but it's still fun.

The guitar playing also sucks since I have only recently purchased my first electric, but it's still fun.


Epi LP through a borrowed Fender Wetherby Amp and Zoom Fx



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Wasnt all bad mate. The recording makes it unclear so people would prob say bad. Im not very good but i like what i play just sounds crap when i record it!


Im gonna post a clip of me playing epi LP Std through a V3 both std as people here prob cant remember that sound cos not many keep stuff stock. =D>/

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Well...uh...it was something. Having fun is the main reason for owning one. Let's see a photo!


Man, it was intended to only be a goofy little cheapy recording of my new guitar. :(/ :-/


I have no clue what I'm doing with an electric guitar. I was just goofing off having some fun banging on this new deal. I'be been playing acaoustic for about a year now. Just thought I would post up me goofing off in the garage with me kid.......


Best part of buying that guitar is my oldest son Nathan cannot put it down sice it came home. He thinks it's the greatest guitar ever made...... I havent told him other wise. Today he went out and pluged into the amp we are borrowing. When i left he was out there rippin it up..........

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Wow, I wasn't aware that there is free online file storage for mp3s these days.


Anyway, here's a 1 minute demo sample of my lousy blues stuff. My G-400 through a Toneport UX2. I forget the settings. I don't usually D.I. record through the Toneport, but I recorded this demo very late at night. Normally, I like to mic up my amp and use the Line 6 stuff as a USB interface only.


When I get some decent recordings together I might actually get around to building a Myspace page. In the meantime...



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