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Help with Sheraton loose input jack!


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Hi first post so go easy!


I have an Epiphone sheraton and the input jack washer is loose. How do i tighten it with out ripping out the wires etc?


I've seen some good tips about stoping the washer coming loose but just need to find out how to access the back of the jack or is there another way to tighten it?


Also does the nail varnish really work?



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I use a piece of 14 gauge wire that I have left over from wiring my basement. I bend a hook in one end of the wire, 90 degree angle. Then I fish it down through the jack. I turn the wire so it catches on the tip of the jack. Then I use a wrench and tighten the the nut while holding the wire so the jack doesn't turn inside of the guitar.


Stock jacks have a tendency to loosen up. Yes, clear fingernail polish will help.

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what he said!

lock-tite works better.. that red stuff mechanics use to hold nuts to bolts.. but it's expensive.

double nut also works if you have enough of the bolt end sticking up.



I use the blue loctite, because it is designed to be removed later. I have used it

on pot shaft retainer nuts and the jack nuts and have been able to break the seal

and loosen the nut.

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but but. everyone knows..

charlie brown. he's a clown!




we geezers have our timely humor.


nail polish would probably do it.. I use a right angle plug.. this tends to swing back and forth in the jack.. and eventually it would loosen the nut.

but I hate a straight plug sticking out the top of my sheri.

a little resistance will do it.. so there you go, nail polish..

I've even used plumbers tape.. to stop leaks, normally, and it will hold ---just wrap it around tight and put the nut on.


didn't even know about blue loc tite..

will give that a shot myself.



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I really haven't had any problems with my Dot or Sherry. But, when I replaced my pickups I replaced everything else and I used the long shaft Switchcraft jack. I haven't had to touch them since they were installed a little over a year ago.


I have one Epi with the stock jack still in it and I have to tighten it regularly, I may have to invest in some blue loc tite.

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I get the long jack all the time now.. no matter what guitar. I think it's the longer thread area and the fact they're switchcraft that does the trick.

They seem to have more accurate threads somehow. could be the metal, I suppose.. but they work well.

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