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Tube setup?

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Hey guys, just wondering what tubes you guys have in your VJrs? For me I have a tung-sol 12AX7 and a JJ EL84. Pretty generic combination, but its got some pretty good tone, but I havent had much time to experiment. Sooo input anyone?

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I've got the tung sol and the EH and the JJ and a chinese in ax7s.. and I honestly like them all pretty well.

jj el84 sovtek and chinese, with jj coming out ahead, but the sovtek isn't bad.


I really like my 5751's, I've got two.. an old Seimens and a nos westinghouse that wasn't expensive and sounds very good.


I've also got an old, used in both cases here, Seimens ax7 that I like a lot.


I'm pretty solid with the jj el84 and the 5751s..but really, it seems more personal to me once the amp is nice.


I didn't think my at7 was as good as the 5751 or ax7's sound.



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