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Picked up my Wilshire today!

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I couldn't wait 'till Saturday anymore...

So I went out and picked it up today!

My brand new used Epiphone Wilshire re-issue, which is my first guitar... now all I gotta do is learn how to play it properly hehe. Already working on that. Learning guitar just became 1000x more enjoyable for me!





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Very nice. That will be a great guitar to learn on. I think a lot of people make the mistake of starting out on a guitar that's a little too cheap and then they get discouraged because it's hard to tune (or stay in tune) or hard to play.



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Thank you guys for your replies! Glad to be part of the Epi fanclub now :)


glad you brought that up.

there's a small fee for joining, and of course your annual dues to be paid in advance.

Just pm me and I'll give the address to send it to.

Cash only, of course.




very neat guitar.. haven't seen on yet around here!

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