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Hey everyone' date=' my son is asking for a Goth Explorer for Christmas. Anyone have/played one? Opinions?[/quote']


I did some review checking - having not played one myself- and the Explorer seems to get pretty high marks from its owners!

Take a look here:


These days, before I choose a mod or anything for my guitars, I just google it.

Google Epiphone Goth Explorer REVIEW and see what comes up.

I"m betting it's good bang for the buck, just like most epiphones!


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Having been through a "goth" phase myself (20 years ago!) during which I bought an all-black guitar, I would recommend you buy him something cool and goth-credible, but NOT all-black. Otherwise when his tastes broaden, the goth guitar will be an amusing reminder of his state of mind at that age. If you buy him an Explorer in, say, cherry or tobacco burst, or even black with chrome hardware, it will still look goth-cool now, it will be a bit individual, and in 10 years' time it will still be loved and played without embarrassment!


I understand the lure of the all-black but you might do well to see how far you can stretch him in terms of something with longer lasting appeal. Step 1 would be to list his favourite bands and see what they're playing which isn't all black. For example my early fascination with the Cure could have led me to a white Jazzmaster rather than the black Fender acoustic I bought - I know which I'd prefer now! (seeing as I don't play the acoustic much but just shelled out for a white Jaguar ...).

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I, on the other hand, was just looking at the goth lp and lusting for it.. all black.. cool! and I'm not gothy.

well, I'm old enough to be gothy, but I'm not in any club!


I own the lp studio.. same as the goth, for most stuff.


I put in new pups.. and pots and caps, etc.


worth every cent. Plays great. sounds fantastic.


Didn't sound bad stock, but I am old and have developed habits and preferences in that area.


I really like the all black model.. and the studio costs 50.00 more in black.. gloss though, not satin.

So they cost the same in that color.

Mines sunburst which the dont make anymore apparently.


I've had the g310 and the lp100 here, and I can tell you all three of these, studio included, were pure epi.

quite well done all of them.


It's a good price, it's a good guitar, and it can be much better, as he progresses, with some simple and not expensive

hardware and electronic upgrades.


I wouldn't hesitate, I'd pull the trigger.


Check MF Music 123 and AMS and Sweetwater.. I believe AMS has a hardshell case deal with theirs. fifty bucks!


tilt back headstocks prefer hardcases to gig bags..


All black will be cool forever.. with some, but not all, as Mathew points out.

But hey.. so you eventually decide you don't dig the look.. ebay the hardware and buy chrome for it!

Put on a pearl pickguard.


I think it's an excellent choice of guitar, color notwithstanding.



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I was going to recommend the Korina Explorer since there was talk of a non-blacked out guitar, but then I researched and found the Korina to be $500 while the Goth is $400. My vote definitely goes for the Goth Explorer. If he grows out of it in a couple of years, grab him some Nickel/Gold Hardware and a new set of pickups, and voila, no more Goth.

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Geez I didn't realize my black guitars were so "Goth".


Wasn't trying to offend - just relaying my own experience. Of course black guitars aren't necessarily goth - ask B.B. King - but a "Goth" model with black hardware is pretty characteristic of Goth / metal / emo. I just didn't want his choices as a teenager or whatever to limit his later enjoyment.


Get him what he wants. If he takes reasonable care of it you can always sell/trade for something different later.

I reckon we all agree on that - my advice to broaden the possibilities was only meant in the sense that it should be something the kid really likes! If you get something he doesn't like, he just won't play it, and that would be the biggest loss.


Even a goth Explorer could have new hardware or a refin one day.

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