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Adding reverb to the Valve junior 3

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Can i add a spring reverb to the V3 combo easy enough? I want to have some sort of reverb function and this is the only type i can find. If you know of any more please inform me as i wanna learn. What type/size will i need for V3?




Got the modding bug now!


Sorted my V3 mods now too it was bad solder joint to the back of the pot (Dry joint dull in colour)


Looking for diff mods to add that arent to complicated. Have lots of room on the right hand side of the face plate still to use. Would be nice to have lots of little tweaks so can have a switch which changes the value of something then can be put back to normal in the other position.


The new mods are great for adding more distortion and can now get pinch harmonics but not screeming squeelies yet. Any tips on how to gain a slight more metal tone. Does it require higher treble lower mids and more bass?



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BobbyRocks- I'm new to this forum and modding....Would love to add the Belton module to EVJ using your schematic. Since I'm new as heck to this, can you elaborate (maybe step by step) to how you did it? Did you switch out R6 to 166k from a 1M? also, what is the rating of the pot you used? Also, according to my stock schematic, pin 5 of the 12ax7 is not being used. Is this correct? Thanks a lot!!!

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