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Really Cheap but super effective pedal building jig

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Hey everyone,


This weekend I finished building my first pedal, a ts clone. I came up with this very cheap but great workbench idea for soldering the pots.


I took a white BOSS pedal box and cut a slit a little longer than the PCB in the bottom of it. then I taped it to the table with painters blue tape. The slit held the PCB in place very well, and then a small A clamp held the POT by the post, and a medium A clamp held the small one up. Having the pots mounted by a clamp on the post made it super easy to rotate the piece to get the wire into the correct lug, and then flip up to solder.







I think this saved me MUCH aggravation and swearing and didnt cost me a dime. A clamps cost a dollar a piece, but I already have a bunch of them. I hope you can use this idea!


Thanks again to M-Theory for all your help with my questions on this and the other two pedals Im working on!


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Looks great! Congratulations.


I may be ingenuity's biggest fan. Always hated seeing hand wringers, waste wastrals, and gadget splurgers when a few simple/crude supplies and good ole brainpower will do wonders.


Now, how does your TS clone build sound with your favorite Epi?


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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I almost shelled out for a PCB vise till I saw that the one I wanted was 99 bucks.


To be fair I paid 178 dollars for this one, but it came with a RC-2 loop station... :)


the TS 808 clone sounds great, much better than the TS9 i briefly had.

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