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Suggest Band names please

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How about "They're Back" or "Back By Popular Demand", that way when the run the ad in the newspaper it will sound like something people need to go back to see/hear.


Of course, you knew you were going to get silly names when you asked the question, didn't you? :- Especially since you didn't say what kind of music you play.


I was once in a band called "The Night Blooming Jazzmen" a pun on a local variety of flowering plant called the Night Blooming Jasmine. We actually had somebody call and ask if we played both kinds of music, country AND western. Go figure - I don't know if he was serious or joking with us. I hope he was joking as I still laugh inside when I remember that one.


I was in a "horn" band called the WindJammers, a road band called the Nomads, and a few other bands with less appropriate names. I was in a band called "Ablaze" and people booking us wanted to "noun-ize" it so we saw various corruptions on the clubs were we were booked like "A Blaze", "Blazer" etc. - so make sure your name is a noun.


I've been in a number of bands for many years, and here is how the process usually goes:


1) You all agree that the best band names have already been chosen but you really want something as appropriate and original as the Beatles were at the time, but also suitable for our modern era.


2) Everybody puts forth the best and most artistic name they can think of.


3) But of course since every band member can't have the MOST artistic name, and each band member thinks his/her name is the best one, none of the names get picked, and everybody gets their feelings hurt at least just a little (we all are sensitive artists to a degree)


4) Silly names start to emerge. After all, if the name any member suggests is silly enough, and not a representation of his/her inner self, there is no pain to the rejection of the silly name. So you get names suggested like "Chrome Muffler Bearings"


5) Eventually a "Dark Horse" candidate comes out, nobody remembers who suggested it first, it isn't the greatest and most artistic name ever thought of, but on the other hand it isn't offensive either, so it gets accepted.


So how about calling yourselves, "Dark Horse"?


Insights and incites by Notes

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How about:


Free Drinks.......That should bring in a crowd.



I heard about a band called Free Beer in Manchester a number of years ago... I think they had to change the name after being beaten up a number of times!


Heres one I've kept for myself for a while..."Love Boutique. "

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