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What's your favorite guitar Christmas song(s)?

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The most popular Christmas song ever written for guitar is without any doubt "Silent Night" (because all they had was a guitar).


Now if Lennon's Happy Christmas wasn't a rip-off from Stewball it might be a contender, so I'll stick to good ole' Slade's Merry X-mas, but only because Bessie's At the Christmas Ball isn't a guitar piece :-

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Christmas tends to bring the worst out in songwriters. I've been threatening to write a tasteless Christmas song for years...you know, about how I hate the endless build up on the TV which goes on for months, the fact that a religious festival has been hijacked by the media, the shopping malls and TV stations who brainwash us with endless drivel and try to extract our hard-earned cash in exchange for mind-boggling rubbish! I could add a line or two about screaming and vomitting children...and of course the idiot-brigade who queue up at 5am on Boxing Day for the sales...I could go on!!......Anyone want to collaborate?!!! Chris

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Captain Midnight said he thought Silent Night was good on the guitar. Easy song to play, and he's right.

The song was originally played on a guitar by Martin Luther in the 1600's, when the church organ broke down.

Just a lil history lesson guys!

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