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Valve Special (Tubes & Hum)


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Hey guys, I have a question about my Valve Special. I did a quick search of the forum and found mostly info on mods so I apologize if this has been covered already.


Does anyone else have problems with their Valve Special buzzing/humming? Mine is pretty pronounced. To a certain degree I think the amp is picking up stray current from the electrical distribution of my house but it does seem louder than my other amps.


Is there any possibility replacing the tubes with new might help?

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mine would hum, even after mods, when I plugged it into a certain place in the living room.

More than once, I forgot about that and tore back into the amp looking for the problem.


eliminate all possible problems like that before you change anything.

cable, different wall socket, different placement...


if you're using single coils, tv and pc monitors and flourescent lights.. or dimmer switches on the same circuit.. can

add more noise, hum, too.

where you stand can make diff with single coils..


check those things first.



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