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Anyone Around Here Have Problems with Their Ultra II NanoMags?


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Hey Folks,


I was intrigued with the Ultra II after seeing Rush this past summer (AL used a modified Gibson LP w/ stereo output - he'd play both electrical passages and acoustic part with same guitar).

So I found a little used Ultra II - I checked out. The price jump this past September cooled my intentions of new one.

After about three days of playing, I got a loud hum and then silence from the Nanomag.

I opened it up and there are no apparent fired wires. There is a break in continuity on the nanomag circuit.

Have any of you fine readers had similar experience? Now I'm thinkin' that the couple hundred I saved by going 'previously owned' would have sufficed a healthy warrantee.



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Hi Mark,


The Ultra II's issues affected new "out-of-the-box" guitars from the start. I tried 3 of them as soon as they hit the market and not one of the nanomags worked. I actually posted a remark to that effect here somewhere, but at the time, no-one had any idea what I was talking about.


BTW: Rush kicks ***! I've seen them 11 times since '81 (4 in the last 2 years) and while I play nothing like Lifeson and don't own any of their CDs, I think they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen and I never miss them when they're in my area. If you don't already have it, check out the "Rush In Rio" DVD. You won't be disappointed.

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Hey FlyingFrets,


Man, that’s got to be a frustrating situation, particularly now that they’re marketing this guitar as an $800 piece. I’ve emailed Gibson service about this issue and asked them about a ballpark figure for a fix on my own dime. I might run it up to the Guitar Center a couple miles away for their appraisal. I’ll be patience and see how this plays out, but if it starts to get too deep into my pocket, I might just pull the plug on this deal, cut my losses, & put it on the auction block. I’ve never played an Ultra I, but w/o the Nano – I dunno, my LP Studio has hotter pickups than the U2. You reach a point of overkill.

You’ve got me beat on Rush attendance, but I go when I can. I’ve gone to the last two touring seasons that Rush passed thru town, both in support of Snakes and Arrows. Last year, I had the impression that I was at a Yes concert with all the gear AL had on stage – LPs, PRS’s, Telecaster, acoustic twelve string, mandolins and the classic ES-355. The most recent concert, AL had just two LPs (including the modified gimmick I mentioned above). He brought out the 355 for the encore. And you’re right, RnR is a great DVD.




Oh you betcha, several times. Every battery I put into the U2, I put on the multi-meter first. Nothing under 8v went inside.



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