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HELP!!! Looking for these specific Schaller tuning keys

duane v

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First Quality Music has the M6s new...but today they have the Schaller "S" and "Made in Germany" stamped in the back plate. Also, the full size keys have the screw tab coming off paralell to the key shaft where the minis have the screw tab at 90 deg to the key but not quite centered. They're about $60. Checked Schaller's website and this is the closest thing they still manufacture. Ebay or some vintage guitar shops/luthiers out there may have a set of these handy. Hope this helps. Not sure if your intent was to stay completely OEM stock or just return a good guitar to functional again.






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Are those the original tuning machines for that guitar? Looks like there are screw holes from a previous set of a different make...


No they are not.... John Lennon upgraded his tuners to the Schaller M6 90* centered type as seen in the image.

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