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I am considering buying Epiphone Tony iommi SG 400 Left handed. Cant find a lefty they are discontuinued. Found one on Ebay but last three digits on serial number are rubbed out. Seller says it is because of overstock. Here is the listing 2004 LEFTY Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature G-400, black with black chrome hardware. These are overstocks so the serial was partially obliterated, but they are first quality and are not stamped "used" or "2nd' - all first quality Epiphone. The Iommi Signature SG was built to the specs of guitar legend Tony Iommi, of Black Sabbath fame and still an icon today. Features include set-neck SG construction, mother of pearl "cross" fingerboard inlays, black chrome hardware, and a matching black finish on the solid mahogany body. The slim-taper mahogany neck is fast and the Gibson USA Iommi pickups deliver the firepower of Tony's own famed SG. With a list of $1024, these sell everywhere for $614 (when they have lefties in stock). This one is perfect, set up BETTER than factory.


My question is should I be raising the red flag, I can get this guitar for $400 with shipping included

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