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Frequensator Tailpiece on Sheraton


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Hi folks,


I'm going to be buying a Sheraton II (natural) soon and I'm wondering if anyone here has fitted theres with a frequensator tailpiece and if you have can you post some pictures?


The reason I want this tailpiece is because, well, looks... it just looks so much better than the standard stopbar and I want to replicate the tailpiece which is on Noel Gallaghers Union Jack guitar.


And, is the tailpiece difficult to install or should I hand it to a luthier?


Thanks in advance,



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Best find a Sheraton with that tailpiece already. Retro fitting one, that has the stop bar, will leave holes in the top!

You can plug them, or put a "custom made" plate over that area, but it would be nicer, and cleaner looking, to find one

already equipped with the Frequensator tailpiece. You see them reasonably often on E-bay. Usually the earlier Japanese

(Matsumoku) set neck variety...but some early Korean ones, too. People here have modified their stop tailpiece Sheri's with

a Bigsby...which doesn't look so out of place, because it has a lot of metal to distract you from where the holes were. The

Frequensator is pretty "sparce" looking, so the holes or even a cover would stand out, to a much greater degree...IMHO.



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Keep in mind also that the Frequensator (or any other trapeze tailpiece, for that matter) will rob your guitar of sustain vs. the stopbar, and limit your string choices, as many standard D strings are too short to use with a Frequensator. I personally find them ugly (although somehow they seem less out of place on an Emperor Regent) --- whether they accomplish their intended function of equalizing tone between bass and treble strings is debatable.


My Broadway sounds MUCH better with an L-5 tailpiece than it did with the Frequensator, and while I might be tempted to leave the Freq' alone on a big jazzbox, I can't imagine choosing it over a stopbar on a thinline semi like a Sheri or Riviera.

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