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Was to buy an SG...but fail to this one...

Big Norm

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Sorry...it's not an Epiphone... but I have to present you guys my new acquisition.

I fell in love with her. A nice Godin Freeway Classic will now do the pair with my Les Paul Ultra.










Nice lookin' guitar. Godin makes some nice stuff.

I have a Seagull Acoustic, made by Godin, and it is a real nice guitar.

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Guest alanhindle

Beautiful axe Norm! Superstrats are great. I've always GASed for a Kramer, a Jack**n soloist, a Carv*n or an E*P superstrat. How do these Godins compare?


By the way, have those lawyers been telling Godin what to write on the headstock?:


"Assembled in the USA from parts hand-crafted in Canada"


How about:


"Made in North America"

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Thanks for your nice comments...she sounds wonderful. It have is own sound. With the lot of pickups combinations possible, you can make it sound a bit strats...a bit Les Paul...but fully Godin...loll. For my taste, it does'nt take any pickup replacement. It's all fine like this...

BTW alanhindle...I love that idea to write "Made in North America" on the headstock. ;-)

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