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SG G 400 electronics??


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I'm considering to extend my guitar famlily with an SG...

I'm looking the Epiphone's SG G 400 (nice G), but I heard about upgrading some of the electronics, wich means more investment at long term.... so i come to you epiphone users to help me with this.


I play rock, progresive, some metal and the sound I wan't is warm but dark... so wich pups do you recommend HB or BB?


I was searching the net to find what kind of burstbuckers does the G 400 Deluxe have (1,2,3 or pro) but couldn't find any specification

If the pups of this deluxe ft model are an issue then i'll take the other G 400 with the humbuckers pups.


1 is there a problem with the burstbuckers? (noise, feedback, etc)


2 what about the HB pups are they better? (in your opinion/experience)


3 Is there really the need of new pups?


4 do you recomend any other guitar/model?


thanx in advance!



got a jackson ps 4 (the grandpa) (the idea is to have contrast with this one)

and an Ibanez electroacoustic AEG5 (so this range of sound is covered)

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I put a BB Pro in the neck and BB II in the bridge on one of my G-400s. they made a huge difference. I get plenty of crunch and clarity with the BBs. Pickups are a very personal call. I don't like the stock Epis pickups, but that is just me. The neck pickups are just too muddy for me and the neck pickups are too hot for my taste.

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The stock g400 pickups are probably not vintage output..

It seems to me you want modern output.. higher output, which is what I believe all the epis are being loaded with now.

They run well over 11K as I recall.. compared to vintage 8K.

They are ceramic magnets, however, which tend to be brighter, with a little more clarity on the low end.. to my ears.


I believe the burstbuckers are also higher output, but I believe they are alnico magnets so you're going to get plenty of

rock/metal in them for sure.


I'd check the magnet material and ohms output of what I was looking at..

then I'd read some harmony central reviews..

then I'd come in here and ask about the choices I've narrowed it down to..


because I don't know all about them, either!



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Thanx guys! I think I have a clearer idea now...


My doubt was the money to be invested in this epiphone cuz if I buy the SG but got to upgrade the pups, I would prefer to save some more cash and get an Epiphone Les Paul, (LP standard plus top or the LP ultra) with the alnico HB... because yes... some times gotta play loud...


But I can't deny that tempting shape of the SG's.... hehe


perhaps I should try the SG and LP before uh?


I think the finalist are:

SG G 400 deluxe flamed top w/ BB pups

SG G 400 cherry w/ HB pups

Les Paul ultra w/ alnico HB pups (in this case, do you haveany experience between LP standard plus top and LP ultra?)


by the way you have some pretty nice toys!


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