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Please settle a debate for me. (last chord on Mother Natures Son).

duane v

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I'm telling my pal the last chord is a D7, but he's convinced it's a D chord... You can clearly hear the trumpet hit a C note on the last chord of the song.....


BTW there is $10 riding on this, which will buy a sixer of Grolsch Beer, which will also contribute in having strap locks for three of my guitars.

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thanx fellas.... My pal acquiesced to my superior Beatles song knowledge, and of course with the assistance of you (the Epi faithful). So his $10 has contributed to my thirst and the safety of my guitars..... So far, one of my guitars has been fitted with the new Grolsch beer strap locks.....(Thanks Ron G for the tip)


However I'm a bit shagrinned by the fact my pal not throwing in the additional $4 for the $14 six-pack of Grolsch..... cheap bastard!!!!..... well off to the bbq!!!=P~





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