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Direct replacement bridge for an '04 Korean G-400.

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The bridge on my G-400 is starting to bite the dust. I want to get a decent-quality direct swap, but I'm not sure what the measurements on the guitar is. Like I said, it's a 2004 Korean G-400 (the Goth model, if it matters). If possible I'd like a Nashville style instead of an ABR-1 style, but if it's good quality I don't care. I don't know if the stopbar needs replaced as well, I wouldn't think so but it wouldn't hurt to have a better one on there, too :-({|=


Anyone know of some good Nashville-style (or ABR-1 style if necessary) direct replacement bridges?

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Welcome to the forum.

I sincerely wish I could be more help but I have never worked on a G-400. What I do know is that you should be

able to go to most office supply stores (or tool supply stores) and pick up a 6" metal engineer's rule for a

couple of bucks.

Measure your existing parts.

Go to stewmac.com and take a look at their metric replacements. (presuming you do not want to replace bushings)

When looking at any of the individual parts, they have a spec tab. Click on it and it will give you the detail drawing

along with the measurements and specs.

Hope this gives you a "starting point".


I know others in here have done mods on their 400's and can be much more help than me.

It is not that you are being ignored.

Sometimes there are just a lot of posts at once and a few just get "lost in the shuffle".


Edit: I just noticed you wrote Goth. Allparts has bridges in black. I have never delt with them but I understand their

customer support is very helpful.

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I'll have to check.

There are nashville style bridges.. but I don't know if they are metric.



are a couple..

I don't know the G400s post sizes..

but this is metric



what you should look for is direct replacement without having to replace bushings.

I think you could get a nice roller bridge that would fit right in, such as,




there's no pic there, but it's metric, and I have one here. It works great, isn't expensive, fits right on my lp studio,

and you can see it in this thread:



But do try to consider the bushing size and spacing.. going to gibson spec may require modification.

And the schaller roller bridge, for example, though metric, will have different size bushings.. requiring you to pull the old ones,

put in a dowel, and then redrill for the new bushings, quite a bit of work.



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Thanks for the help so far guys. I should probably clarify: I am looking for something I can just drop right on without redrilling or changing the posts.


If anyone knows the post spacing and size on the type of guitar I have (I lack a metric ruler), I'd greatly appreciate it if you could clue me in so I can stop bugging you and search for myself 8-[

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Part# GB 0595-010


that gives your string spacing and the bushings are identical in size.

So it will fit. At least I know it fits my chinese epi lp studio...

and I fit it to the sheraton with some messing around as in the threads posted about that.

If you call allparts or email them, they'll tell you all the other models for sure.


this one

Part# GB 0590-010

the schaller is spaced correctly, but it has smaller bushings.


those are both rollers.


I'm afraid I don't know the all parts numbers for the standard type bridge that has the identical size bushings..

but I believe the tone pros metrics will have the right size bushings.


Part# GB 0543-001

TP6-N Bridge


They carry gotohs, too. So they'll know tone pros, and gotohs and in rollers or standard or graph tech and will know the right sizes.



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