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I've never picked up a guitar before (in my 45 years). I decided I wanted to learn, it was a childhood dream.


I went to a local guitar store and picked up an Epiphone SG-310 Ebony and a Peavy Vyper amp. I have friends who play in bands, they assured me that it is easy to play.


The SG is light and balanced. The neck fit my small hands, and for what it's worth, the "action" seems smooth. I toyed with it for a few hours and noticed that the 4 control knobs work differently, and the outer 2 don't seem to do much. I'm sure I'll learn more as I go.


The exciting part is that my friends were right. I did a youtube search for Rock You Like A Hurricane Guitar Lessons, and there are many. It seems like this is probably the most popular first song on record.


After 4 days of "playing" from the videos, I can tell you that I can play this songs rhythm completely, and with a few more days of practice, I think it will actually keep my dogs from howling.


Great guitar... I'm having the time of my life.



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Welcome to the forum. I own a G-310 as well. It's a good guitar for what it is, but I think I'm about ready to move on to the G-400 soon. But it has served me well for sure. I dont really care for the stock pickups, but mine were old covered-humbuckers...so they had to go.


As far as the control knobs, the two knobs in front are volume controls for each pick up and the rear knobs are the tone controls, respectively, of course. Bottom set is bridge PU, and top set is neck PU.


Have fun with your new guitar, and dont worry about those dogs. They just want to sing along.

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