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Satin Cherry Les Paul jr. JL project about to commence!!!

duane v

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Just waiting for my Satin Cherry Les Paul jr. from MF, and waiting on the ABR1 posts and 4 thumb wheels I won on ebay to arrive, and the gibby aluminum tailpiece from chrome plating.... Then everything is off to my Luthier after the NAMM show=d> ...... I'll post images as the JL project progresses


Just some images of the parts



Just imagine if the JL Rev came with a Charlie Christian neck pup:D


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I may have strayed away from a project like this if it hadn't been for Ford giving me a $750 Amazon gift card. And if I had heard about Epi coming out with an American made Wilshire prior to my little brain storm, I'm 99.9% sure this project wouldn't have been considered.


I'm pretty excited myself, because this is the first time I've decided to have a hack-job performed on any of my guitars.... and to a brand new Gibson for good measure.:D


for all the parts it came out to $472

Luthier charge of $350... (if he does a fantastic job a tip of $100)... which I know he will=d>

Out of pocket for the guitar = $70


So I'm looking at $1000 total for a JL Les Paul that is truly a one of a kind.

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Duane' date=' this is the 1st project that's got me excited to hear about in a long time! Do good, and tell all! or is that do all and tell good, or all good and do tell? Whatever. Lots of pictures.






I was just checking the shipping status of my LP Junior on Amazon, and I ran into this Cherry red Gibson Melody Maker that has a p-90 and ABR1 style bridge system already installed. Granted the headstock is different than the LP junior. But one can easily do a JL LP Melody maker for $300 in parts because you don't have to purchase the bridge and tailpiece assembly. But you'll have to find a pick guard cover...... or not.


If you can do the work yourself, one can end up with a kick-a** American made / one of a kind Melody Maker for $800 or less if one is crafty at finding used components........ Just some food for thought.



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Ran this little gem over to my Luthier this afternoon.... It's an actual 1970 lightweight aluminum tailpiece, that already looks like crap. So now I have a brand new aluminum bridge I need to find a home for.... BTW the project is moving along slow, because my Luthier is still working on my poor archtop. But I'm hoping both will be done by the middle of February.:D





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