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what is this epi LP custom?

eric zwicky

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hey all,


my son bought an epiphone LP custom from our local music store, and it's a great guitar. he played five different epiphone LPs in the store (all set-up and tuned right) for a few hours before deciding on this one. so he loves it and has no problems at all. but here's the weird thing:


i have since looked on-line just to see specs and what-not, and NOWHERE can i find this exact guitar. it is like no other epiphone LP.


here's the description:


two humbuckers with no covers

no pick-guard

gold hardware

no name or model on the truss-rod cover


ebony finish with antiqued, almost deep-yellow binding.. it almost looks like it was sprayed with ebony, then clear-coated wiht a very yellowish clear... the logo and inlay on the headstock are even yellow as a result


clear plastic volume and tone knobs

antiqued plastic switch tip, switch surround is black

block trapezoidal inlays on the neck


on the back of the head-stock:

serial number EE080303682

"inspected and setup in the USA by #32"

"hand-crafted in china"

and there's a circular logo under the clear-coat that says "epiphone limited edition custom shop"


it's a really nice guitar, and my son loves it. i just wonder what exactly it is, since i can not find ANYTHING like it on line. every other epi LP custom i see has gold pickup covers, a pick-guard, a model name on the truss-rod cover, a white switch surround, and NOT yellowed bindings.


i sent gibson customer service an email also, but no reply yet.


thanks in advance,


-eric zwicky

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that my friend... ( would like to see pics to make sure ) is a Custom Classic to me one of the best looking guitars ever made...



i just took some pics outside (not very good though), and when i came in i did some searching on the forum and found this thread:




the first post is the very same guitar! good pictures too.


i wonder why the epiphone site does not have information on this model... i will read through the thread more and see how much more i can find out.





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so, from reading that thread, i see that gibson responded to one guy and told him that it is NOT available to the big stores, only to smaller stores, which makes sense, as my son bought his at a local chain.


still trying to find more info... will post my pics in a little while too.

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It is infact the custom classic Ebony..and I really love the yellow binding and the finish..it was a limited edition so it's not in the Epi website. EPI doesn't keep info of it's Limited Edition Guitars on the website..it may be available in the blog but I doubt that...btw lovely axe

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According to: http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx


Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China

March 2008

Production Number: 03682




Gibson: Qingdao

The Gibson Qingdao Plant was opened in October 2002, Qingdao, China. It is the only plant run by Epiphone in Asia.Both acoustic and electric guitars are made here. The factory is dedicated to making Epiphone and only Epiphone guitars with the aim of producing higher quality guitars.

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