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Upgrading pups and electrnics on a Casino


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Hey all,


My Casino is my main guitar, and overall sounds great. However, the neck pickup is pretty muffled and dark sounding. I was thinking of upgrading pickups and possibly pots.


Has anyone else done this and was it worth it? Any suggestions on pickups?


Is it worth replacing the pots and electronincs? I'm sure this is a big job, any suggestions?





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Wiring and pots, as well as switch and even input jack upgrades are very common, on Casino's. Pickup changes,

aren't "uncommon," but a lot of folks seem to like the Epi P-90's well enough, to leave them. Those that do change,

seem to like GFS pickups (especially at their prices), as well as Gibson (the originals, and expensive),

Kent Armstrong, Duncan's, etc. So, in your case, I might change the pots, wiring and...might as well do the toggle switch,

and input jack, too...while you're at it. See if that helps with the pickup "problem," first...and if not...you've got loads

of pickups, in all price ranges, to choose from.



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Kent Armstrong P90s here.. and I know others who've gone from epi p90s to KAs and liked the difference.

Charlies right on about the pots and electronics that can help some, too.


One thing you might look into is swapping out your volume pots, 500K, for 1Meg. Or changing the value on the

tone pot for the neck pup.



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