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Hello to All


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Hi To All,

I just want to introduce myself to everyone and I hope to be active member for the community.

I was born in Hull, England, but now living and working in Israel as an affiliate manager for a top online casino & poker room. Living in Israel as its advantages, one is the weather because I am an active sportsman. Competing in triathlons, here in Israel the sport is very much alive. On average 16-20 meets a year. Need to know more, don't be afraid to PM.

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I am a Bass guitarist in a local band called the "The Pack of Cards" and I am also an affiliate account manager in my day job.


I have many friends in the music business who play online, you people out there don't need to always blacken the gaming industry.


I promote not only Casino & Poker, also Forex gaming which needs lots of skill and thought.


Like everything else in our world,if you don't draw guidelines for yourself then you have a problem !!!!!!


We also have screening set in place to catch and help those people that we see could be having problems and we deal with it accordinly


Have a great day to all and for those who are smoking while reading this, you have a bigger problem in your hands


Looking forward to all your replys......................Cheers Keith

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