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Epiphone Guitar Parts????


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I have an LP Elitist. Looking for pickup rings. My bridge ring cracked right down the center. Can't seem to find them anywhere. DW, Allparts, Stumac. The Gibsons won't work, a hair too small.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated





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Have you tried "Epiphone?" via www.gibson.com

if they don't have them, they can give you the part number, and

any Epi dealer can order them. But, check with Guitar Center, Sam Ash, or

maybe even "Truetone Music" in Santa Monica?


Another place www.guitar-parts.com (AKA "Parts is Parts") in Vermont might be able to help, too.


Good luck..



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You could look at these:



Had the same problem.

I don't have an Elitist. But... If you mean that the Gibson rings are too small on the outside...these are a

smidge larger. Bezdez gives the measurements. ( inside and out)

They were a direct replacement on my L.P. Standard. He has the curved bottoms although they are generic so

some filing or sanding could be needed for an exact fit. I got lucky, they are flexible enough that I didn't have to.


Here is the rub. The guy ships from Canada. He offers express shipping for $10. (seems a bit much)....but...

I got them in about a week. If you go with standard shipping, which he offers, they can take a month to get across the border. Keep in mind he is only charging $2 per ring and he combines shipping.

If you order a set, total cost is about $14. (no more than a set of Gibsons)


For other members that might be interested, he also carries chrome. Pay attention though, for $4, they are chrome

coated plastic. I have seen chrome coated metal but right now I don't remember where and I think they were $30

a set. (I'll have to do some searching)


Hope this helps.....If not, no harm done.

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That's what I thought too, TWANG. When I emailed them, they responded saying they didn't think that the standard metric would fit the Elitist. I don't believe that the Elitist uses a different PU ring then the regular epi LP. I could be wrong..... I'm ordering one to see. Thanks for everyones input.

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if elitist uses usa size pups.. then usa size rings. all parts has both for sure!


I know elitists say the pups are usa.. but I don't know if that means usa size since they aren't really gibson.???



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