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Tuning down a step on a LP/SG?


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I am looking for clarification on what adjustments, if any are needed to tune either an Epi Les Paul or SG down a whole step?

I called into my local guitar shop and they said "little if any" and that the strings would feel a little slack (i currently use Rotosound Yellows - 10-46's). - But i'm not convinced.

Would i need to go to a chunkier set of strings, and if so would things like the truss rod need adjusting? Intonation would not be a problem for me.

Any help in the right direction would be apppreciated.

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Some of my guitars are tuned down a half step, some a whole step, some to concert pitch (std.440)

I've never noticed any intonation problems with any of them, but they were all "set up" correctly to begin with.


As far as strings feeling "slack"....it's never been a problem.

It sure does make hard bends easier on the fingers.


oh well....thats my .02 cents worth..........any pics of the guitar(s) in question?? post 'em.

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Thanks for that, i'll give it a go, it should open up a whole new range of things to learn to play.

I have attached the pic of the '05 LP Studio (my favourite of the two), i just changed the knobs on it as i did not like the speed dials. The other one is my 'everyday' workhorse which is an '06 SG400 in Cherry Red.

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