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Epiphone Triggerman 4x12 Cabinet

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Hey Guys,...I was looking to purchase a cab to match up with my new Blackstar HT5 Head that I just got this Christmas.


Currently using her with a friends bog standard 2 x 12 no-name cab. I tried an Orange 1 x 12 cab and thought she sounded really boxing so I sent her back pronto!!!. I know that a 4 x 12 cab is a little over kill for home use but I've head good things about the HT5 through 4 x 12 cabs. Plus the 4 x 12 is only US$ 20 more than the Valve Junior 1x12 Extension Cabinet....


Anyone have a Triggerman cab?



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i've only heard good things about it...


maybe you should find one and try before you buy? i'm sure a seller wouldn't mind...


and maybe you should consider the SO CAL cab (also discontinued... wonder if they're gonna make a valve sr. cab or just never make a 4x12 cab again?)

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