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Pot-cap question


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I have 500k tone and volume pots and .022 caps on both tones. I like the sound of my bridge pickup, but my neck pickup is too muddy, even at full tone. Short of changing the pickup, what would be the next cheapest step to making the neck pup tone brighter, change the cap? or the pot? and to what?[-X


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the two most common things are

switch to 1M pot

or change cap to lower value..




the lower you go with cap, the more treble you get.


I think that would be preferable, as I think that while a 1M pot will open up your neck pickup, the increase in signal may make it a hassle to balance with the bridge.


So the best thing there would be two 1M pots.. but then you're back to having the bridge be somewhat brighter, too, and you already like that.



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