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The jack itself, or the plate, on the outside of the guitar? If it's the jack, just get a Switchcraft, from "Stewmac!"

If it's the plate, I'd get a metal one, if it was me...and Epiphone, or some other after market sellers, have those.

You may have to designate it to be for an Epiphone LP, as some parts for Gibson won't line up, screw holes, etc.,




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i mean the plate it has broken. the ultra 2 has a plate with 2 output jacks because it has a nanomag. so there are 2 holes in it and i dont know where to get those plates with 2 holes.


OK...Call Gibson/Epiphone Tech support, (1-800-444-2766) and they can supply you with a part number,

and your local dealer can order the replacement part. That will be hard (I think?) to find, as an after-market replacement.

But, Gibson has been good about helping, in such cases. They might, if you give them the serial number,

and date/place of purchase, even send you one, Free...as a kind of warranty thing? They've done that

for me, before.


Good luck,


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