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A word about parts.. and in defense of All Parts


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Hmmm' date=' when I needed a new nut for my Dot, TWANG was the one who gave me the part number(s) of my choices. He was very helpful.


And when I do my next mod, probably new pups, I am sure I will post here for opinions and many, including TWANG will post their opinions (which after all is what I am looking for) and then I will make my determination.


As a novice electric player (played acoustics for >20 years, this is my first electric since 1978) I appreciate ALL information posted.[/quote']




I think there are a ton of helpful people on this forum. Good luck with your mods, and let us know how they turn out.



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Just my .02¢ but, when I was in the market for new tuners for my Special II, Twang was also very helpful. Wether this is the proper forum for this activity or not,...I'm not sure but, I see nothing wrong with helping out fellow guitar players when you can. I suppose, if you don't like his products, you don't have to buy them.


Peace & Rock On !

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I haven't sold anything or tried to on this forum for the last few weeks.

I don't intend to.

The mods asked me to stop, I did.


They're happy, I'm happy.


This thread wasn't about selling anything. Show me where it says, 'for sale', anywhere in it.

It's about All Parts not being junk.


As usual Nellie Belle skips the point, and goes for a personal attack, and based on lies.

I'm not reply to you Nelli, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

I'm talking to the forum members.


I do have a shop. I don't care if you buy from me, or gibson direct, or anyone else.. that's up to you.

I really have had a great time with the forum, beyond a few pickguards I built, etc.

I wont be offering anything in here again.


It is possible to pm me and then email me in that regard.

For some reason, that drives Nellie nuts.


I try my best to pass along what information I have that would be helpful.

I try to enjoy the forum, and talking about guitars.

I'm not always right, I'm usually ok though. and people say so.

For some reason, that drives Nellie nuts.


All Parts and WDmusic offer good replacement parts, and great upgrades in a range of prices.

They shouldn't be disrespected just because Nellie has a problem with me.

Nor should his problem with me, whatever it is, be constantly put in front of the group.


I'm gonna ignore his posts and not respond directly from now on.

I'm going to make this my last post in reference to his complaints and criticisms.


I'm not talking to him any longer. I'm not reading his posts any more.

I'm not going to let him drag me in, and drag us all down.

It's over.


And I'm sorry, apparently some personalitys simply clash for reasons unexplainable by any rational objective criteria.

I need to learn to recognize those situations, and do my best to minimize them.

I'll try harder.



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Wow, you go away for a while, look back and the place has gone nuts, now people think it's their personal duty to do the job of the mods. If Twang gets the boot for selling here then so be it, but for christ's sake these other people should either make a contribution (like twang) or go away.

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Twang, you are a valued member of this forum. Your posts are informative and accurate. Oddly enough, though, if it weren't for the posts that you create telling about some altercation with some unnamed member, I wouldn't know about it. I think that most of this would be better discussed off-line and then 100 people wouldn't hear about it. I can understand responding to a public post that defames you, though.


The parts that I have purchased through All Parts have been great. I don't have any complaints at all. If some of them are foreign, I understand and expect it these days.


Nelson, I'm curious, what's your beef with Twang?

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